About HLE

Heavy Light

We get by
That’s it
We get by

Kids grow
flowers die.
I don’t know
Why all this, why

 – Roy Cymbalista

Heavy Light Experience is an ongoing art project, a perpetual kind, that in this here presented cycle, consists of a series of five large scanography life size limited edition, certified, numbered and signed prints. (18 / חי = life of each), and  32 (לב=heart), unique moulds,
made from discarded styrofoam packages transformed and cast into stoneware near perfect copies/reproductions, (18/חי of each).  Each object has its story, history,
and by choosing them, my own.
I foresee this body of work as an interactive installation, (you can touch), including video art and live performance.

I discover through my discipline, which is married to my somewhat taoist life philosophy, in which all my creative process and work is related and organically growing.
Recycling transvestized reality to tell fantasy, the world within the world.
The process always ends up starting something new, and by studying and experimenting with matter or anything else, irrelevant of what was the trigger, new creations exist to only trigger the next cycle.

Writing and defining my work is a near impossible task for me, as It is a process, and need only be defined as experienced and perceived by those who are exposed to it. Each to their own interpretation. The reader is its author so to speak.  I never succeed in doing what I intend to do, yet fascinated by the result trying. I have learned to see the process as an end, the way. The accident and failure a success, therefor dedicate myself to seeing each one to completion, not judging good or bad, useful or not. Just do my art. Motus Animi Continuus; continuous movement.