Roy Cymbalista

Born in 1969 in Brussels, Belgium.
Israeli autodidact artist.
Lives and works in Israel since 2007.


Globetrotted through the world (currently residing in my 76th formal
address), working and exhibiting for leading magazines and
museums, both as photographer and artist. I have also traveled
and worked with a contemporary circus before moving to Israel.
Since 2009 for the first time I have my own personal studio in which
I create, research and develop my work.
Archiving senses, emotions, imagination and life.
My studio is my laboratory, experimenting again and again,
finding the magical truths in the outcome.


Many and varied were my formations, experiences and influences,
defining the organic progress and diversity of my work.
I developed a discipline for my own methodic creative process,
“motus animi continuous”. Creating inertia, articulating results,
even accidental and abstract.
Making the means to an end, transforming the best failures
into true success.


The process is the way to process, the center and the end.
Compulsively and obsessively recycling reality in order to express
imagination, juxtaposing and reinterpreting perpetually.
Same words, different language.